About me

The artist behind the pictures

Hello!I am Goldi, 30 and I live in Europe. I've been drawing since 2015 and started doing commissions in 2022. My favourite stuff are tomatoes, my friends, nature and music and I dislike bell pepper, sleep, loud noises and smalltalk. You can contact me for any questions you have! (But not for smalltalk please, lol.)The tablet I use is One by Wacom medium with different programs. If you want my opinion, Clip Studio Paint is the best program out there. Yet I also use Pain Tool Sai II, Procreate and Photoshop occasionally. I am self-taught and have a full time job that is not art related.If you need anything, please contact me via my socials.Instagram: Goldi_Artist
Discord: _goldi
Email: [email protected]
Thank you for stepping by! <3